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High Frequency Eye Wand with LED light

High Frequency Eye Wand with LED light

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High Frequency Eye Wand uses vibration and light therapy for eye area.

Lifts and tightens, reduces dark circles, reduced wrinkles, fine lines and improved skin elasticity. High-frequency vibration massage also helps relieve eye fatigue.

Use hot vibration function to expand pores. Positive and negative photons help the supply of adequate skin moisture and nutrition to make the skin supple and assist in purging toxins. Reinforced collagenous fiber helps with skin elasticity and deminishing wrinkles, and fine lines. Also helps reduce dark circles.

Red Light: promotes blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, smooths the skin by increasing collagen production for long term results

Blue Light: fades dark spots, shrinks pores, strengthens skin elasticity, rejuvenates the eye area for a smooth more youthful look.

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