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Portable Nano Facial Steamer

Portable Nano Facial Steamer

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Portable Nano Facial Steamer

Replenishes moisture, soothes the skin and reduces the secretion of oil. The nano spray is delicate and soft, penetrates into the bottom of the skin, moisturizes the skin without damaging your makeup. This sprayer is equipped with an LED high-definition display, and the bottom can test oil and moisture on your skin to help you understand skin conditions and control skin balance. This is a must have in your skincare routine!

Great for traveling or anywhere you need skin hydration on the go. Throw it in your gym bag, use at the office or school where A/C and recirculated air can dry your skin, or use in your home office for a mid day refreshing facial!

* Please use natural mineral water or bottled water. Do not use essential oils, hydrosols, viscous liquids, etc.

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