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Natural Gua Sha Scraper and Jade Stone Roller Set

Natural Gua Sha Scraper and Jade Stone Roller Set

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Natural Gua Sha and Jade Roller Set. With regular use these tools will help sculpt jawline, cheeks and reduce lines on neck.  Both of these tools can also be used on any part of your body such as arms and legs.

Natural jade reduces puffiness and promotes blood circulation  Jade is used to speed up blood circulation, promote metabolism and increase enzyme activity. It's also used to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags.

Dual-sided roller easily massages every curve of your face Use the large roller for your cheeks, forehead and neck to lift the skin and reduce wrinkles. The small cylinder is perfect for use around your eyes and nose, reducing puffiness and dark circles.

The gua sha Reduces puffiness in your face by increasing lymphatic drainage and reduces wrinkles and fine lines giving a more youthful appearance. Can also be used on your body for body massage.

Helps skin absorption so you can get the most out of products Use with oils, serums and moisturizers, improving product absorption. They leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

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